Partners & Members

Current Phase II University Members:


umbcimages               rutgers_university_with_the_state_university_logo-svg             ncsuhead_logo


Industry Members:

207917_d-wavelogo        2000px-ibm_logo-svg          cmtclogotwitter_400x400          ekagra-logo


lexisnexis-logo       index


Government Members:

gsfc_and_nasa_insignia_pin    nccs    nsa     z-us-central-security-service-seal-1-5nist-logo                  lps_logo_sm                         seal_of_the_united_states_department_of_homeland_security-svg


Members of UCSD:




Members of UU:

  • Anolix


Rutgers University:

  • Electro Core
  • Tetrus
  • Senseye
  • Realtime Technology Grp

Potential Partner Sites:

ncsuhead_logo       ucsc-stack      lyon

  • Potential Int’l partners

Former members of CHMPR at UMBC:

dell_logo       innovim-logo      lts_logo_resize         2000px-noaa_logo-svg


1280px-lockheed_martin-svg      ucm519140


Former members of CHMPR at UCSD:

  • IBM
  • Genotaur
  • Emergent Inc.
  • Intel
  • Zaxel Corporation
  • Georgia Tech was a former partner of CHMPR in Phase 1 with members IBM, Northrop Grumman Information Systems (NGIS), and Oracle


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