D-wave Quantum



  • IBM z10 mainframe with the San Diego Supercomputer Center
  • 16 multi-CPU blades
  • Multi CPU Xeon Server
  • SDSC Storage Array
  • nVidia Fermi
  • 3D Fabrication Lab – rapid prototyping and
  • CNC machining tools and Robotic Mill
  • Experimental Game Lab – many core PC’s
  • 16 sided StarCAVE
  • 300 Megapixel and 200 Megapixel tiled display walls
  • Imaginarium Multi-modal capture and analysis lab. Motion Capture/Computer Vision Research Lab – 24 channel VICON motion
    capture system, 3D laser scanning, structured light, multi-channel video.
  • VR Development Lab – variety of interfaces and display types
  • Optiputer network environment – Global Lambda Infrastructure


  • Relationship with VA Informatics and Computing Infrastructure (VINCI) – 155 servers (2256 cores), 27.5TB RAM, and 1.8PB SAN; 20 million Veterans electronic medical records.
  • Relationship with Center for High-Performance Computing (CHPC) – 926 cores, 2.1TB RAM, 175TB SAN. With HIPAA cluster.
  • Relationship with Study Design & Biostatistics Center (37 statisticians, epidemiologists, and quantitative health scientists).
  • Relationship with Data-driven Collaborative of Informatics, Pharmacoepidemiology, and Health Economics Research (DeCIPHER) and Pharmacotherapy Outcomes Research Center (PORC)
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