Data Set Resources

RUTGERS: Secured IRB for one of the largest national resources of electronic medical data (Medicare/Medicaid data, medical data for the state of New Jersey and New York)

UMBC: VINCI dataset (VA):-150 hospitals and 800 community-based outpatient clinics. A single electronic health record system is used across 8.9 million veterans

DbGap/Kaiser: Aging survey data; genomic data, phenotype, ~78,000 patients

NIDA:- National Inst of drug abuse – detailed trial datasets

NASA:- 3 years of CO2, Solar Induced Fluorescence, 16yrs DOE Atmos Rad Meas. documentd1sM0AY9fsbhCKVYZHSTTymSTlwzxfukku _aNNsZu Oxtg/edit?usp=sharing

NCSU: Prof. Chirkova awarded NSF grant to establish Rare Disease Observatory database.

TAU: IMS:a UK primary care electronic medical record (EMR) data resource covering more than 3.7 million active patients.

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