Welcome to CHMPR

Welcome to the Center for Hybrid Multicore Productivity (CHMPR) website.

CHMPR has successfully completed its first 5 year award and has been awarded a second phase beginning on Sept. 1, 2014 granted by the NSF Industry University Cooperative Research Centers program office. During the initial phase in 2009, CHMPR started out as a 3-university site I/UCRC and for the last two years was a 2-university site Center. To learn more about CHMPR funding and operations, visit the Factsheet. In the current phase 2, CHMPR is starting out with three university partners, our site here at University of Maryland, Baltimore County (UMBC), and sites at the University of California, San Diego and the University of Utah.

These separate research institutions together form the Center for Hybrid Multicore Productivity Research, with research focused on addressing productivity, performance, and scalability issues in meeting the insatiable computational demands of our members’ applications through the continuous evolution of multicore architectures and open source tools.

Multicore processors still are commodity chips for PCs as well as high-end clusters, and have evolved from 2 to 4 cores on a chip to 64 cores on a chip. In addition, GPU accelerators with several hundred and potentially thousands of cores are in pcs and in clusters as hybrid configurations. More recently, quantum computers for the first time have become commercially available and CHMPR will explore these systems as an accelerator to its cluster. Yet, significant challenges still persist today before applications can effectively take advantage of these architectures. Computer systems built from hundreds of thousands of multicore processors have recently cracked the Petaflop barrier.

CHMPR plans to focus on problems of national priority such as Big Data Analytics for Health IT, Climate Change, Brain and Pluripotent Cell Imaging, Material Genomics and the Human Imagination. We will conduct research to optimize the scalability, performance and productivity of applications to Interactive Digital Media; and Data Intensive Parallel Computing Paradigms which are of direct relevance to our industry and government members on hybrid multicore clusters. Available multicore computational resources and the expertise of their staff to manage and support the research problems of its participating industry members and center faculty has produced exceptional results.

Collectively, CHMPR is currently supporting 20 industrial and government memberships and support to 12 faculty members (including its 3 directors), 7 research staff, 8 doctoral students, 12 master degree students, 6 undergraduate students, 1 REV student, and 4 REU students. This collaboration has produced outcomes that include 4 bachelor’s, 14 master’s, and 10 doctoral degrees, more than 60 publications, and 25 presentations of research between 2009-2014.

Graduate and undergraduate students are working with scientists to conduct their research and our publications, news and events are featured on our site. Information for all partners with access control only for the wiki specific exchange set up between industry member and student faculty researchers will be available in the upcoming weeks.

If you or your company has interest in becoming a member, or you have any questions or comments please contact us.




Apr 14

Feature in the Washington Post: “Northrop Grumman, UMBC team to study health data for populations”

CHMPR at the University of Maryland, Baltimore County is proud to have recently been featured in the Washington Times on April 14th, 2015. The article highlights the cybersecurity partnership between UMBC and Northrop Grumman with the plan of analyzing millions of medical records with the goal of more effective future treatment plans. This five-year program is funded through the National Science Foundation with grants in the amount of $600,000 for the research of big data-analytics projects.

Spring 2015 IAB CHMPR Conference

April 22 and 23rd

The spring IAB CHMPR Conference will be hosted by University of Maryland, Baltimore County.

Please complete the registration form

CHMPR IAB Agenda April 22 and 23rd, 2015

On Day 1 the meeting is being held in the UMBC library on the 7th floor, #22 on the map, center of campus
Map for Day 2 of where to park in lot 30 is circled in red and a blue square is around the Library

If you are attending but not a CHMPR/IAB member, we are happy to have you join, we simply ask you respectfully view our CHMPR Non-Disclosure Agreement which you can sign at the registration table prior to the start of our meeting.

If you have any problems registering, please e-mail Kimberly Blattner at knblattner@gmail.com
UMBC looks forward to hosting!

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